Adam Benda


I'm a full-stack web developer. I usually focus on the backend, choosing the proper algorithms & data structures, improving the performance, or just creating new features. I don't mind getting my hands into frontend, improving UX/UI, or bringing a web design to life.

Another big part of my work is communication. I like working with other developers, their different technical background allowing us to perfect solutions. Talking to product designers, domain specialists, and users is very important too, and often essential for the project's success. I like the technical writing of documentation and specifications. I use generative AI where it makes sense.

My native language is Czech and am fluent in English. I have some basics of German.

Programming languages


  • Ruby
  • Javascript
  • Python


  • Rails (Ruby)
  • Nuxt.js / Vue.js (Javascript)


  • PostgreSQL

Operating systems

  • Linux
  • Docker containers


  • AWS


  • GIT
  • Continuous integration (CircleCI, Gitlab CI)


  • RaspberryPI development
  • Teaching coding to kids
  • Photography and computer graphics
Adam Benda